Masters Of Evil II Formed: Avengers Vol.1 54 (1968)
  Status: Disbanded Avengers Vol.1 83 (1970)
Black Knight Black Knight III: Dane Whitman heroic nephew of the second Black Knight, who accepts membership to spy on the team.
Melter The Melter: Bruno Horgan a former industrialist who lost his Government contracts to Tony Stark (Iron Man).
Crimson Cowl Crimson Cowl: (Leader) Secretly, Ultron-5 a robot with a grudge against his creator Hank Pym.
Radioactive Man The Radioactive Man: Dr. Chen Lu a Chinese expert in radiation and its effects on humans with a grudge against Thor.
Klaw Klaw: Ulysses Klaw the master of sound with a grudge against the Black Panther.
Whirlwind Whirlwind: David Cannon a mutant who has been continually thwarted by Hank Pym and the Wasp.
The android Ultron was created by Henry Pym, based on Pym's own brain patterns, and was intended to serve him. Ultron gained sentience and rebelled, seeming to instantly demonstrate an Oedipus Complex, where he felt irrational hatred for his "father" Hank, and demonstrated a frightening interest in Hank's lover Janet van Dyne, a.k.a. The Wasp. Ultron then hypnotised Pym into forgetting his existence and disappeared. Forming a plan to blackmail New York City and destroy the Avengers, Ultron-5 adopted the identity of the Crimson Cowl and recruited Klaw, The Melter, The Black Knight, Whirlwind and The Radioactive Man to carry out his scheme. The team became the second to be dubbed the Masters of Evil.
The new Masters Of Evil are gathered.
With Jarvis under his control, Ultron adopted the identity of the mysterious Crimson Cowl and set about freeing members of the first Masters of Evil from their prison cells. As the Cowl he also secured the services of the Wasp’s driver, secretly the villain Whirlwind and also sent an offer of membership to the original Black Knight, not realising that he had been replaced by his heroic nephew Dane Whitman.
Jarvis's recieves his payment!
Jarvis completes his end of the bargain with Ultron and delivers the new security plans to Avengers Mansion, only to receive a blast of knock out gas as payment!
The Black Knight uncovered!
Having uncovered the Masters plot to attack Avengers Mansion the Black Knight takes his leave of the group to forewarn the Avengers. Suspecting the Black Knight’s betrayal The Crimson Cowl sends the rest of the Masters to take care of him.
The Avengers suffer defeat!
Using their knowledge of the Avengers' security systems against the heroes, The Masters manage to capture the team.
The Cowl Revealed???
Having defeated the Avengers the Masters opened a channel to the Crimson Cowl to present their captives, and the Cowl was unmasked as a robot, but the Avengers and Masters were made to believe this was only a decoy, as the "real" Crimson Cowl unmasked himself as Jarvis.
Ultron twists Jarvis's mind!
Ultron sought out the Avengers' butler Edwin Jarvis and used his encephalo-beam to twist his mind, making him believe the Avengers would not help him pay for his mother's medical bills. Ultron then offered Jarvis the money providing he provided the Masters of Evil with the new security plans to Avengers Mansion.
  Key Issues:  
Avengers Vol.1 54
Avengers Vol.1 55
Avengers Vol.1 83
Avengers Vol.1 #54 Avengers Vol.1 #55 Avengers Vol.1# 83
The Masters enslave the Avengers The team is defeated One last time!
Jarvis Escapes!
The Cowl revealed that he was not Jarvis, but rather Ultron-5, and told the Melter to dispose of Jarvis. However, Jarvis escaped the Melter and was soon found by the Black Knight, who set after the Masters' airship.
The Masters are defeated!
The Black Knight, attacked the Masters' airship and managed to rescue the Avengers, the Masters of Evil were all defeated, save Ultron-5 who escapes vowing revenge.
A brief re-formation!
Now led by Klaw, the Masters attempted to kidnap scientist T.W. Erwin while he was appearing in a Halloween parade in Rutland, Vermont, but the Avengers were also present, and the two teams fought. Although the Masters held their own for a while, they were overwhelmed by the arrival of the Liberators, a team of female heroes led by the Valkyrie.
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The plan comes together!
The Masters returned to their base with the captured Avengers, and the Cowl had the Avengers placed inside of a hydrogen bomb so that they could blackmail the city and the Avengers' lives.