Typhoid Mary
Typhoid Mary
Personal Info:
Real Name: Mary Alice Walker
Also Known As: Mary Menzinis, Typhoid, Bloody Mary, Crazy Mary, Mary Walker, Mutant Zero, Lyla
Place Of Birth: New York City
First Appearance: Daredevil Vol.1 #254 (1988) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Kingpin, The Hand, Daredevil, Deadpool
Group Affiliation: The Hand, Kingpin; formerly Shadow Initiative, Initiative
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: Daredevil and Deadpool
Creators: Ann Nocenti and John Romita, Jr.
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Mary Walker seems to possess no superhuman powers, or at least is unable to access such powers. Her "Typhoid" alter ego, however, is so distinct as to seemingly have a separate physiology.
Enhanced Abilities: Typhoid Mary has peak human strength, agility and endurance.
Telepathy: Typhoid Mary can implant mental suggestions in the minds of others. She can induce sleep in weak-minded individuals and most animals. She has the power to seduce and make others fall in love with her using her mind.
Telekinesis: Typhoid Mary can levitate objects and peoples and can project a telekinetic shield or force field. She can also release devastating force blasts. With this power she can fly at great speed. She can levitate small objects over short distances (such as weapons of under 10 pounds; knives, razors, etc., which her "Bloody Mary" persona often gathered and assembled into improvised battle-armor.
Pyrokinesis: Typhoid Mary has a limited ability to start fires with the power of her mind.
The early childhood of Mary Walker is not well documented. It is known that she worked as a young prostitute in an east end brothel when an encounter with the hero Daredevil, during one of his first outings as a costumed crime fighter, changed her life. Daredevil had followed a perpetrator into an east end brothel, and in the ensuing commotion, accidentally kicked Mary, who was working there, out of the window. Falling several stories, the resultant trauma unleashed her split personality nature - an event she would not recall until years later when the mercenary Deadpool accidentally kicked her out of a window, mimicking the situation.
Mary then spent many years in one institution after another as doctors attempted to diagnose or cure her dual personality complex. In her Mary persona, she was fragile, sickly, and prone to epilepsy and other medical disorders. As Typhoid, she was utterly unapproachable and uncontrollable. Also, Typhoid seemed to have none of the ailments, including epilepsy, which haunted Mary.
While Typhoid had always known of Mary and her activities, Mary remained unaware that she had an alter ego. More amazing, the two personae had completely different heart rates, alpha waves, electroencephalogram readings, and even different scents. In fact, Typhoid constantly runs a moderate fever. Typhoid did cooperate with her doctors once when they trained her in telekinesis as a test. Typhoid excelled in her talent to move small objects. Mary manifested no such powers.
After several years, Typhoid Mary escaped her institutions and disappeared for a significant time during which she was presumably learning hand-to-hand combat skills. She turned up later as an extremely successful stage actress. After a short but highly acclaimed career, boosted perhaps by Typhoid's ability to control people's minds, she fell out of sight again. Some time later, she appeared in Chicago as Typhoid, operating as a thief and blackmailer.
Typhoid then exploded onto the scene of New York City's Hell Kitchen. In her first known activities, she fought and then seduced a gangster in an alley, manipulated him to become her willing accomplice, seized control of a crack cocaine ring, murdered all its members, and joyfully had sex with her accomplice in the blood drenched room as she simultaneously set fire to it. She continued a reign of terror by preying on the criminals of Hell's Kitchen, wiping out gambling dens and drug houses and seizing their fortune for herself. She quickly became known to the crime boss overseeing most of these criminal elements, the Kingpin.
Rather than eliminate such a potential enemy, the Kingpin offered Typhoid a million dollars to break the heart of his archenemy, the hero Daredevil.
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