Zarrko The Tomorrow Man
Zarrko The Tomorrow Man
Personal Info:
Real Name: Artur Zarrko
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Old New York
First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery Vol.1 86
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Thor
Gallery: Click
Zarrko is a genius and has built many devices including a time machine and a time scope. He has access to future technological devices.
Weapons: Zarrko carries a radiation gun and has also used cobalt bombs and time bombs.
Force Field: Zarrko has a personal force field generator.
The Servitor: : Zarrko has a giant robot with extraordinary strength capable of discharging concussive energy; time missiles containing "chronal radiation" which allegedly reverses the flow of time
Time Travel: Zarko has used a time machine, time cube, time displacement dial, and handheld time machine, a time scope and calozephic receptor bridge to view the past.
Artur Zarrko was a citizen of an alternate future Earth of the 23rd Century, an era of international peace. Entertaining ambition of world conquest, Zarrko was frustrated by the unavailability of weapons since the disarmament program of a century before. No information on the construction or design of weaponry had survived. Zarrko therefore used his scientific genius to construct a time machine and planned to travel back to a century when weapons had existed, steal some, and bring them back to his own century where he could use them to achieve world domination. Choosing the 20th Century because that was when weaponry had achieved their greatest sophistication and proliferation, Zarrko stole a United States Army cobalt bomb under the alias of the Tomorrow Man.