Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Captain Marvel Vol 4 17
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Unamed Galaxy
Grudges: Thanos, Thor and Captain Marvel
Creators: Peter David and Jim Starlin
Enhanced Abilities: Walker has vast super human strength and endurance.
Cosmic and Mystical Energy Manipulation: Walker has the ability to manipulate vast cosmic and mystical energies for numerous purposes including powerful force-bolts, creating near-impenetrable force fields, the ability to manipulate small pockets of space-time, and the creation of inter-dimensional apertures to transport himself across dimensions.
Invulnerability: Walker is virtually invulnerable to injury, and cannot be harmed by conventional means.
Immortality: Walker is immortal, he does not age and cannot be killed by conventional means.
Staff: Walker carries a staff that appears wooden, but is indestructible.
The enigmatic Death-God who calls himself Walker hails from a far distant Galaxy, where he is apparently the only deity venerated by all the sentient beings who live there. It was unclear whether there were more Gods there before Walker grew to his stature, or if he was the only God at all. Nonetheless, due to the amount of worship he was shown, he became incredibly powerful.
Eventually he came to know of the ultimate personification of Death, and sought to court her. She received Walker into her realm, and entertained his attentions for a time. Afterwards, he wished to give her a great gift...everything he had. The gift was every single life within his, own Galaxy. He annihilated every creature, and absorbed the billions upon billions of souls into himself, intending to give them all to Death.
However, the ever-fickle Mistress Death was repulsed by this callous disregard for life, and turned from Walker in disgust. Walker was shocked, and soon grew morose and angry. As his anger grew, Death sent him away... but the anger continued to build until Walker decided to destroy his would-be lover in a fit of cosmic vengeance.