Desak the God Slayer
Desak the God Slayer
Personal Info:
Real Name: Desak Sterixian
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Thor Annual 2001
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Thor
Desak is an expertly skilled warrior and is adept with various types of weaponry.
Enhanced Abilities: Desak has upper level super human strength and endurance.
Body Armour: Desak’s skin makes him nearly invulnerable to physical and energy attacks.
Energy Blasts: Desak can project energy blasts from his eye’s
Teleportation: Desak is able to teleport himself great distances.
Flight: Desak is able to fly.
Life Support: Desak is able to survive indefinitely in the void of space.
God Detection: Desak can sense all aspects of godliness, including immortality, in an individual, and he was given power equal to any god.
Amulet of Power: Desak wears the Amulet of Power which transformed him into a supreme being, and it allows him to add any conquered gods’ powers to his own by imprisoning their souls in the gem.
Weapons:Desak uses a shield that can absorb energy blasts, and his sword can channel those blasts back to their point of origin. Desak can also fire his own energy rays through his sword or his axe. His sword and axe can also be combined to create a more powerful energy burst, or be used as cutting weapons.
On another world, standing in front of a sacrificial fire pit, a holy man with many followers awaited the sacrifice to their god, Kronnitt. Loatia Sterixian, daughter of Desak, was to be their offering when, suddenly, a ghostly female image appeared before the masses and presented Desak with a choice. She presented Desak an amulet of great power which would enable him to save the life of his daughter, and protect his people from a furious god. Desak refused thinking it was an honour to participate in the sacrifice. Ultimately, his daughter was cast into the pit of fire, and the Spirit insisted Desak made a grave mistake. That night, as Desak was arguing with his wife over the loss of their child, their village was attacked. Kronnitt, not satisfied with the citizens of this world, decided to destroy them. Confused, Desak sat helplessly on the sidelines and watched as the mad god unleashed his fury upon the world until the Spirit of the Jewel, as Desak called her, appeared to him once more. Again, she offered up the Amulet of Power, and with it, the promise of power equal to the very gods themselves. Desak did not refuse, now wanting to alter his misguided views, and it was on this day that Desak, Destroyer of Gods was born.